McDouble vs Double Cheeseburger

McDonald’s cafeterias are among the most famous fast-food joints globally; you’ll find them in virtually every commercial city due to the eclectic menu and aids they have been giving to their customers since the beginning of the food chain. 

Double Cheeseburger and McDouble sandwiches are two of the burgers given by the company. They are nice to be served independently or with other plain burger supplements with vegetables, potatoes, salads, etc. These side dishes will deliver more delicious and healthier meals with burgers.

McDouble vs. Double Cheeseburger: Their differences 

McDouble vs. Double Cheeseburger
Double Cheese Burger (Left) vs McDouble Cheese Burger (Right)

1. Cheese Content

One of the significant distinctions between a double cheeseburger and a McDouble sandwich is the quantity of cheese put into each sandwich. Double Cheeseburger has two pieces of cheese assembled with other salads that are utilized in formulating the burger. 

Even though it is one of the best-sellers of McDonald’s, the double Cheeseburger is acclaimed to be a commodity of Bob’s Big Boy, a restaurant line established by Bob Wian in 1937. No one remembers when it sprang on McDonald’s menu, though. 

On the other side, McDouble has one piece of cheese integrated with other ordinary elements used in making the burger. The amount of cheese slices used in developing double Cheeseburger and mcdouble delivers the fundamental disparity between the two burgers delivered by McDonald’s restaurants.

2. When they First Started

A double Cheeseburger is a variety of hamburgers that are prepared with two pieces of traditional buns, two beef/bacon patties, pasteurized refined American cheese, pickles, onions, and tomato sauce. 

Plus beef and bacon, several eateries also sell double cheeseburger chicken and veggie patties. The incredibly prominent double cheeseburger chain food cafeterias are BURGER KING, McDonald’s, Ball Park, Hardees, etc. The inception of the Cheeseburger goes back to 1928 in a Los Angeles cafe, and it is one of the most eaten beef products in America. 

The McDouble is a variety of hamburgers, including bread, two meat patties, refined cheese, pickles, onions, and tomato sauce. All McDouble burgers include 100% beef, and it is a proprietary commodity of the McDonald’s restaurant line, and no other corporation has the liberty to sell this product.

The McDouble first entered the market in 1997. In the first years, this burger had no cheese, and instead, McDonald’s utilized lettuce and tomatoes to embellish it. Nevertheless, in 2013 McDonald’s reintroduced this Cheeseburger.

3. Prices

Another significant distinction between the two burgers is the predominant prices that they are offered at various McDonald’s joints around the country. Mcdouble retails at one dollar, which brings it to be placed in the one-dollar list, relying on your region, that is. 

A double cheeseburger rate runs between $1.68 and $3.28, while the McDouble costs you only $1 to $2.99. The double Cheeseburger is reasonably costly as related to the McDouble. This burger is not placed on the one-dollar menu because it sells for a price slightly higher with an improvement of about twenty cents associated with the number of cheese in the sandwich.

4. Dryness of Double Cheeseburger and Mcdouble

Additionally, one characteristic that can be utilized in distinguishing the two fast-food commodities is the dryness of the sandwich once tasted. Mcdouble is dry, which implies that this kind of burger is less juicy. The point is that McDouble has only one cheese.

On the other hand, the double Cheeseburger is pulpy and greasy. The portion of juice in this sandwich can be clarified because this commodity has two slices of cheese which improve the quantity of fluid in the burger.

5. Taste and Popularity of Double Cheeseburger and Mcdouble

Even though the rate of double cheeseburgers is acclaimed to be bigger just for the upswing of the extra cheese, it is evident that this kind of sandwich has an outstanding taste which makes it outstanding among those customers with an appetite for a burger.

The amount of cheese and juiciness demonstrates why the double Cheeseburger was taken off the one dollar menu and is an apparent explanation of the improvement of the twenty cents.

Mcdouble is not recognized for its outstanding taste but has a familiar taste and vogue as it is recognized by several people who have been consuming the sandwich for a long interval. Double cheese in the double Cheeseburger makes it more flavorful and juicy than McDouble.

The McDouble is less prominent as related to the double Cheeseburger. 

6. Nutritional Composition in Double Cheeseburger and Mcdouble

Both burgers have the same elements except for the pieces of cheese, but the number of calories varies from one burger to another.

Another substantial variation to point out between McDouble and double Cheeseburger is the nutritional makeup. Even though the two burgers comprise identical elements except for the number of cheese, the composition percentage differs from one burger to the other.

Double Cheeseburger possesses about 440-450 calories and 13% carbohydrates, 22-23 grams of aggregate fat, 25-27 grams of proteins, and weighs a standard of 5.8 oz. on the weighing scales.

On the other hand, McDouble has a makeup of nutrients that are considerably lower in all the nutritional makeup related to the double Cheeseburger. Mcdouble has 390 calories which are 11% of carbohydrates, 19 grams of fat, and 22 grams of protein, and it’s recognized to weigh more than 5.3 oz.

At this point, I don’t even have to say it myself. It’s apparent as day that McDouble is a healthier choice, and its nutrient texture is far lower than that of the double Cheeseburger, and it’s shocking to see that it’s all because of a piece of cheese.

7. Production

Double Cheeseburger is made in a long lineup of cafeterias like BURGER KING, McDonald’s, Ball Park, Hardees, etc. Only McDonald’s manufactures McDouble.

The people of Judaism feel that you do not eat a double cheeseburger, while the Hindu people feel that you do not eat McDouble.


We can declare that the distinction between the double Cheeseburger and the McDouble boils down to the cheese pieces, price, flavor, popularity, nutritional texture, juiciness, and dryness in roughly this arrangement.

Now, it’s over to form your opinion on what rationale you will select for your meal and enjoy.

Thank you for reading!

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